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Basic ThetaHealing®

Duration: 3 days


This is the class where it all begins. At the heart of this seminar is the practice of techniques that allow you to change life patterns held in place by core, genetic, historic and soul beliefs, either self inflicted or externally imposed. Change your patterns, change your life! Are you ready?

ThetaHealing® is an amazing healing technique that allows you to change limiting beliefs which hold you back from your full potential and a life that you truly desire. It is currently the world's fastest growing healing modality.

This is your opportunity to release old programs, change old patterns and begin creating the life you truly desire!
Basic ThetaHealing®
course, is a 3 day certificate course. (9am-5pm daily)
We will discuss:

  • Applied Quantum Physics - understanding the science of Theta

  • Connect with the divine and learn how to access a Theta state quickly and easily

  • Discover the four levels of beliefs and how to alter negative beliefs on a core, genetic, historic and soul level

  • Learn how to see and speak to your guides and guardian angels

  • Discover how to perform powerful 'energy clearings' on yourself and others, for your home, office or business

  • Perform future readings

  • Learn how to see intuitively inside the human body and identify problem areas

  • Find out how to prevent and free yourself from psychic attacks, curses and soul fragments

  • Look and feel youthful by activating your youth and vitality chromosomes and 12 strand DNA

  • Discover how to manifest powerfully all that you want (e.g. financial success, soul mates)

       .... and so much more.

Course includes: ThetaHealing book, practitioners manual, certificate & morning and afternoon tea.

Investment $575.00


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