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January 2015

I just want to share this with you. After the last session with you, the underlying sadness that had been following me has gone. What has gone with the sadness is also the feeling of loneliness. I feel quite peaceful and at ease now. Thanks again not just for the last session but also all of the past sessions, the classes and all of the chats. And most importantly, being my friend. I am so thankful that I have met someone like you who has helped me so much along my journey in the past few years, patiently sorting out and removing blockages from me one by one. Confidence and trust continue to grow in me.

Jean Ler 

October 2014

I write to let you know mum's eye condition has improved. Vision has become much better than before and the improvement enables her to drive alone to nearby places during the day making it easier for her to go out for food and groceries. Thank you very much for your healing, I am in absolute gratitude.

Yee Leng 

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